Girls Only is a collective that provides various artistic approaches through tattooing (Tattoos by Cake), community outreach, and apparel design. We encompass our passion for art, philanthropy, and serving folks who look like us (BIPOC, LGBTQ+) as the root of our organization. Samantha (Cake) and Brittany, both lifetime and business partners, thrive in the notion of giving organically.  With the opportunity to partner with local shelters, non-profit institutions, and organizations to host creative events or simply circulate our funds, we ground ourselves in huggin' the block. 


Tattoos by Cake 

Empowered by her personal experience as a lesbian woman in the tattoo industry, Cake is deeply devoted to the mission of creating safe spaces for women and LGBTQ+ folks within the tattoo community. Adding to the positive progession of more visibility and inclusivity, Cake imbues a personal touch to her work that is essential to the health of contemporary tattooing in NYC.